Our Teachers

Monika Kali Thompson

200 ERTY - Hatha / Curvy Yoga / Yoga Nidra / Kundalini / Magic Monday /  Body Trust Provider / Intuitive Sound & Energy Worker

Monika has used the last 15 years on her yoga mat as a time to create healing in her life – her passion is sharing that healing with those seeking it.

When she arrived on the mat through a series of events, Monika couldn’t reach her feet to tie her shoes…her body and spirit were broken. Her practice started with a mat, a book, a spark of curiosity and consisted of two poses. Over time as Monika’s body became stronger, and more importantly she realized what she was capable of, she added more poses to her repertoire. Her life continued to be transformed…one breath at a time.

Experiencing such phenomenal healing inspired Monika to become a yoga instructor so that she could share the healing that she received with others. 

Saskia Gottuso


My name is Saskia. I recently became certified as a yoga instructor in August of 2019, through 8 Limbs Yoga Centers. I did the summer program, which was 200 hours of training, in a little over a month. As advertised, it was very intense however it opened my mind, heart and spirit. I have been teaching for about 6 months. FLY is actually where I taught my first class. This studio holds a special place in my heart. Not only have I learned so much yoga itself from everyone I’ve met here, but I have also formed connections. That really resonates with me. As well as the intention I had set when becoming a teacher. I’m currently in my junior year of college at UW. I’m studying society, ethics, human behavior, and the environment. Im also minoring in gender, women and sexuality studies. My goal is to intertwine my interests in people and the earth, with my teaching.

Kelly George

200 RYT - VINYASA 101 / YIN

My name is Kelly George and I am beyond excited to join the FLY community!
My passions are holistic health (including that of the planet!), creating community, mind/body/spirit connection through movement, and accessibility. I want to share this at FLY because I believe it is so important to have spaces where we can ALL experience movement/meditation as a form of connection, to our whole selves and to our community.

If I could instill one thing in my students it would be that yoga looks and feels different in every body so to be with what is, no judgement, all love.


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