Our Philosophy.



We Believe:


Every single body can be a yoga body


Yoga should be adapted to the body.  Not the other way around.


There is no wrong way to have a body.


Health is not a moral imperative.


You are the expert on you. Period.


Community is an integral part of the healing process.


Joyful movement is the best movement.


Food is food.


Movement is movement.


One should not validate or motivate the other.


True transformation comes from a place of love and vulnerability.


You are infinitely stronger than you believe.


It is unethical to sell weight loss products/services of any kind if you are a body positive provider.


Physical, mental, and emotional health are equally important, and are dependent upon each other.


If given a safe space to grow and rest, lives transform.


The you that you are today, right now, is worthy of all of the love, respect, and kindness that you give to others.