In Studio Classes are Suspended until 'Shelter in Place' is lifted.

We are currently streaming classes daily at 10 AM on Zoom to join these classes, sign up for an 'In Studio Class' to practice with us LIVE. Join us ANYtime at Fierce Love ONLINE to take a class from our ever growing library! There are two ways to meet your yoga needs with us while we are practicing Social Distancing.


This is a wonderful class for beginners! Relax your mind, increase energy, and reduce stress. You will be guided into each pose to safely strengthen, tone and stabilize the body. For beginners, people with fibromyalgia, joint or back problems, experienced students who want a slower paced, less strenuous class or those with post traumatic stress disorder. Open to all bodies, all abilities, and all genders.


Gentle Flow with Saskia

Explore the basic elements of vinyasa in a slow, gentle flow. Here we find movement and breath connection, while tuning into the subtle sensations in the body. We begin with a long warmup, then flow into some basic yoga postures and end with a gentle cooling sequence of stretches followed by a restorative Savasana. Be prepared to walk away feeling refreshed, peaceful and grounded.


Vinyasa 101 with Kelly


A Vinyasa Flow class can be intimidating. Quiet your apprehensions by exploring the basic postures and vocabulary of Vinyasa yoga, a dynamic practice linking breath and movement. This program will introduce staple poses gradually, teaching you to align your body and move with fluidity.


YIN Yoga

Yin yoga targets the body’s connective tissue. Unlike our Vinyasa (yang) practice, yin yoga is a slower paced class with long held passive poses doing wonders for joint health, flexibility, circulation, and mental focus. All levels and all bodies encouraged to participate!



Yoga Nidra is the practice and art of Yogic Relaxation. In this class you will be guided through a detailed cosmic sleep meditation that will allow your mind and body to slip into a deep state of relaxation. The brain will switch from beta to alpha waves, signaling the transition from activity to meditation. All you have to do is relax…



Clear the mind, build physical strength, and ignite your inner fire in this amazing eclectic class of meditation, breath work, physical postures, chanting, and kriya. We will engage in prayer, meditation, mantas and movement as we clear out old karmic bonds and release patterns in life that no longer serve us.


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