F*ck Your Fitness Standards.

Fierce Love Yoga is a Body and Queer positive space. This is a space for ALL BODIES to explore their relationship with their physical selves and rediscover their innate strength, power, and personal fire while connecting with other fierce warriors on similar paths.

At Fierce Love Yoga we hold space for every body, to practice yoga in an environment that will never ask them to be anything than they already are.


Here’s why I do what I do (it’s important):

1. When I came to yoga, I was in the biggest body that I ever lived in. I practiced by myself for years ALONE because I couldn’t find a place that felt welcoming to me or instructors that knew what to do with all my awesomeness. I know how to modify movements to meet the body, and more importantly, I can speak to and about fat bodies without being weird about it.

2. I’ve worked in fitness for years and in that time, I’ve seen how abhorrently the fitness community treats bigger bodies – this ish pisses me off. I won’t stand for it.

3. It’s nearly impossible to find healing in your body, or your relationship with your body if you are constantly holding space for yourself because those around you are made uncomfortable by your very presence. I hold this space so you don’t have to.

Does that mean that you have to be curvy to practice at FLY?

Not at all! I’m holding space for curvy bodies as my act of changing the world. If you want to practice yoga with fierce, real, raw people, hell-bent on shrugging off society’s expectations so they can live at peace in their bodies… this is your space. IDGAF if you have curves or not, and neither do my students. That’s not what this is about. 

There is no body-checking here. There is no size or shape requirement for this studio.

Come as you are, we’ll supply the fire!

Fierce Love Always,

Monika Kali Thompson


Fierce Love Yoga